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About Us

Lepíky s.r.o. is a technological company that manufactures, converts and sells self-adhesive materials. Our main goal is to design, test and supply high quality adhesive products and to develop new solutions in cooperation with our customers. We focus on communication with customers, quality of the products and the services, low costs, and environmental protection. Lepíky s.r.o. was founded in 2006 in Prague.

Lepíky s.r.o. is an assistant and a supplier you can rely on.

Top 10 characteristics of the company:

Among our products you can find sticky tapes, Velcro, fixation points, nonslip and floor tapes. Our favourite and top product is the non-rivet technology. In short... Useful little somethings for everyone.

Come to visit our business every weekday from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm (Podnikatelská 539, Praha-Běchovice).

After entering the area you will be guided by blue-white stickers „Lepíky“ all the way to our workshop.

Your questions will be answered by Ing. František Šípal, technician and adhesive expert. He can recommend you the best product and design and suggest best personal solution for you.

Your question can be sent via e-mail at or you can call him directly at the phone no. +420 736 778 083.